Aerial Objects (Signed LP)

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Aerial Objects is a new body of work from Simon Goff and Katie Melua which started as an exploration of landscapes, both man-made and natural and turned into experimental compositions that move, moment by moment between the song spaces of Melua and the immersive melodies of Goff. With Goff on the violin, analogue processing and synths and Melua’s imagination and lyrical freedom addressing how environments shape her thinking and state, this six-track collaboration record is an exploratory project of two artists searching beyond their usual musical boundaries into places unknown. Aerial Objects will be released on 15th July (CD and Digital) with the Vinyl following on 2nd September.


  1. Tbilisi Airport
  2. It Happened
  3. Hotel Stamba
  4. Textures of Memories
  5. Aerial Objects
  6. Millions Of Things